the thin place…

starbucks this morning for some oatmeal and an upside down caramel machiato…yum! i am reading “wild goose chase” by mark batterson and felt God in the middle of the norm! let me explain. he talked about driving up a mountain road through clouds and breaking through and the clouds looked like a “celestial carpet.” now that’s pretty descriptive writing…you would not understand unless you were there! Tuesday i climbed into a twin engine cessna o fly to st. pete with our pastor (he is a preaching machine…i am so impressed with how much he preached at ctn this past tuesday. Mosesit was deep) well we climbed to 8 thousand feet and broke through the clouds! below is a pic. the thin place is what the celtic christians called the place where heaven seems to touch earth. thin places…moments where god shows up! moses had a moment in the middle of a desert…God showed up in the middle of the desert. God can show up anywhere! it does not matter where you are He shows up! what makes the difference is when you are aware of his presence. last night…in the middle of the message things shifted, changed, got in the groove and it was as if we broke through the clouds and hit the thin place. i was so aware of God showing up in the middle of the service and it energized my life…i have a terrible cold with that raspy smokers voice (i do NOT smoke) and it seemed like when i hit the thin place my voice was strong the students were hanging on every word and something powerful was happening in that moment…i love moments where god shows up!

BUT – he always shows up! what makes the difference is my awareness and desire for him to show up. at the moment of writing this blog in my journal i am listening to amazing grace by sarah kelly and i can see the hustle and bustle of people in starbucks…and i become so aware that God is here! it was like breaking through the clouds and hitting the thin place!

the word for today…break through whatever is in the way and hit the thin place!

the thin place

the thin place


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