jesus said to go into all the world and preach the gospel…this week has been filled with outreach and it continues on! wednesday and thursday night we held a walk through drama called “hell house”.  took several weeks to pull it off and hundreds of man hours from the media, to the set up (we built steel studded walls), casting (50+ students and leaders were in it), writing and staffing the event.  today it was the day after and the clean up was horrendous but worth it all!  we saw close to 1000 people walk through the drama in 2 days and 157 decision cards were filled out. Praise God for the good news that was shared.  Props go out to matt, pastor jon, tomas, pam, ron (the man that built the walls and supplied the heater to heat up hell, as well as dealt with the masses), john for the wrecked vehicles and a police car, scott for the for real fire truck and all the students in the cast.  this is an annual event and when it was all done we were throwing around ideas for next year.  i am stoked about outreach that gets kids involved in a fun way to reach the masses!  it was scary too!

tomorrow it’s calvary cares…we head out to walmart to give away hot dogs and soda!  I love my church! we totally care about the lost in our community! if you don’t do outreach, then you are missing out on the biggest command of all…GO!

nice wreck!

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