Calvary Cares

Calvary cares…This is an outreach we do as a church just to simply let our community know that our church cares. We gave out free water on street corners, doughnuts and hotdogs on college campuses, washed cars and grilled hotdogs at the local Walmart and many more locations. This is a way we show people, in spite of what the economy is doing that someone truly cares. As a youth church we took close to 20 to the local Walmart and grilled 500 hotdogs, gave out free cokes and bottles of water. People are shocked when they find out it’s free with no strings attached. We truly touched our commnity this weekend. I love being apart of a church that gets outside the walls of the church and in the lives of everyday people and touch them in a tangible way. Props go out to our outreach pastor she sets it all up and makes it a great weekend where anyone can do outreach. We even bring our 2 sons along to show them the importance of giving! Calvary cares!


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