leaders and the flow of ministry…

i have heard it said over and over again…”everything rises and falls with leadership.” well, if you don’t have leaders, then who will they follow? if you have the wrong leaders, what will they follow. if you have great leaders, then what will they become? great! in all the years of youth ministry i can honestly say i have been through times where i was short leaders, had the wrong leaders as well as times when we had truly great leaders. presently i have some great leaders (just if you thought i was using a post to vent…) i just need a lot more for where i believe we are headed! if everything rises and falls with leadership, then the flow of ministry depends mainly on leadership! met with my people tonight that run all our small groups for a planning session in order to work through details. we laughed, brainstormed and discussed small group issues among other things. there are so many little details that can fall through the cracks due to a lack of communication. i love our leaders…they truly want to touch our students. small groups are gonna get in a groove and be flowing due to our leaders!

when the flow is not flowing, look closely at leadership. if you don’t inspect it, then you can’t expect it to do anything!


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