leaders…wacko, weird, wild and wiry peeps 2


today is all about who you gonna vote for. so i am dedicating this post to a youth leader that was totally political but had a great heart. i honestly believe that people are people and everyone has their own opinions on political positions but when it comes to ministry it’s best to stay on target and deal with people and not the issue of politics. with all that said you will always have people that join your team that are neck deep in politics and during election time the political animal comes out in them. from wearing a t-shirt, a button or even placing a bumper sticker on their car i have seen leaders do it all.

it was nearly 10 years ago and a couple decided on a sunday night at an altar that they wanted to work in the youth dept. now this was not an odd thing, except the fact that they were senior citizens and they might have been the last people you would expect to volunteer and not just volunteer, but roll up their sleeves and work! this couple came to every youth service on an off night and talked to almost every kid that came through the doors, they prayed with kids and when it was too loud they often times would be found with ear plugs firmly placed in ears smiling while all the action took place. they helped pay for more kids to go to camp, more kids to go on missions trips, fine arts and pretty much anything and everything we did. it’s wonderful when you have people that want to work, but it’s all the baggage you have to deal with too.

it was a halloween night and we had an illustrated sermon we were hosting where all the kids came dressed in black. the hearse pulls up and we unload a casket and put on probably the creepiest funeral ever. it was dark and eery. just before the procession came in i gave the couple a tour of what we were doing they were excited and that’s when she asked me ( through the whistle of her dentures)…are you gonna vote for bill clinton? well i..uh…no answer. her response was if you don’t vote for him i will punch you in the nose. i laughed and the night went on, but she was dead serious. she was an active supporter in politics and let everyone know from the buttons she wore, the t-shirt she had on and the bumper sticker that read no more bush*$ i can’t even type what it said. but every time i read it, i was so floored by her stance. so what do you do when your leaders get head over heels involved in politics? good question. don’t take sides, don’t get caught up in a discussion over it, and mostly don’t get punched in the nose. politicians will come and go, it does not have any bearing on how effective you can be in ministry, so stay out and stay on target…it’s all about souls. no politician ever died for anyones soul…


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