great leaders…are passionate!

i wrote a few posts about some of the leaders that were a bit wack in the past, so i felt compelled to write about some great leaders from the present. everything rises and falls with leadership. when it comes to fine arts i don;t know any volunteers that give as much as this person does. every year we put together teams of students and without fail, he goes into it with so many ideas and so much passion. From leading worship teams, ensembles and human video groups he does it all. God has given him such a burden to see our students use their talents for God. He recruits, trains, cuts tracks, works with struggling groups and goes over every form before registration is sent in. I thank God for leaders that own it and go after it with all their heart. if there was a leadership quality that i would want every leader to have…he has it. Passion!

thank God for passionate leaders that do whatever it takes to get it done! just a thought…if you are not passionate about waht you do, don’t ever expect your leaders to be passionate!


2 thoughts on “great leaders…are passionate!

  1. he’s gonna have a big giant crown in heaven! he’s a true passionate servant leader. if you’re one of the teens he works with, be sure to tell him “thanks.”

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