great leaders serve…because thats what leaders do!

today i watched leaders in action…last night we had a great service (really 2 services) and then today the services were turned around for a young adults meeting. i watched as one of our leaders, a behind the scenes kinda guy, showed up early in the day to put all the effort needed to pull off another incredible service. he was the last one to leave…it truly is refreshing to see leaders give with a servants heart! today i also went to a public high school and met with a a group of students at an fca meeting. I got to the room just before class dismissed for lunch and met with the leader of the group. i truly did not know what i was in for, students came in brought lunch and the leader proceeded to pour into the students lives. it is refreshing to see teachers pour into students lives with real passion and real dedication. what a day! lastly i went to a young adults meeting, experienced worship and stood back and watched the flow. i watched as true leaders stepped up and served in various areas, from worship to behind the scenes leaders were busy making everything just right for the moment. that’s when i noticed one guy breaking down some tables and putting away some preservice decor. servanthood…is nothing more than giving…leadership is all about serving! if you are too big to stoop down and serve, then go back and read where Jesus came not to be served but to serve. there aint no one more special than he is, so if you want to lead, then learn how to serve! we have some great leaders here at calvary!


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