lost and found…


well last night i lost a pair of sunglasses. i did the unthinkable. i was working in the garage and set my sunglasses on the wheel well of my jeep. when i was in a hurry to get to am HOA meeting which was quite a pathetic experience, i forgot to get my sunglasses. i woke up this morning loaded the boys in the jeep and could not find them. i had this sick feeling of remembering to put them on the wheel well, i looked around the house and guess what no luck. i left for school and looked on the road briefly to see if they were lying somewhere in my neighborhood. No luck! this afternoon i loaded the fam up to go to a photo shoot and looked around some more for them, i was definitely depressed. i love these glasses and i have never been irresponsible with a decent pair ever. i could kick myself for setting them on the wheel well. we started to drive down the street and i looked on the road and as i passed by a house some 5 houses down the road, low and behold i found my sunglasses. they were laying on the side of the road and had been there since last night. i stopped, got out of the car and picked up my sunglasses and went on my way. they were lost, but now they are found. they stayed on the street for over 20 hours and no one saw them even though they were next to a mailbox. thank God for veterans day! anyone could have picked them up…and they only had a slight scratch on the frame…not on the lenses!

it’s the little things that count…losing something and then finding it has a great feeling attached to it! so many people are lost and laying on the side of the road…with a few scratches on them…somebody just has to look out the window and then stop and pick them up!

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