after this…

i heard an amazing word today…revelation 4:1 “after this”…john was on the isle of patmos and he was in the spirit on the lords day….after this. there is so much we go thru, but have you ever thought that what you go thru is what leads you to what’s next. in order to go to the next level you have to go thru something in order to get there! what’s next is hard to see when you are focused on what you are in right now. i have so many things on my plate right now that need so much attention…but “After this” that is what i can’t wait to get to! this leads me to a thought…transition is necessary to get to the after this…but do people check out, jump out or move out too soon? are people in situations that prepare them for the “after this” but they move too soon. in order to know when to move you need to be in the spirit and hear the voice of God! john was on patmos (the place of his killing) yet he was in the spirit and he heard the voice of God. God may we walk in the spirit and be in a position to hear your voice so that we are ready for “after this.” great word…if you want to hear more, then go to calvary christian center and order it from the online bookstore. Get it in and get ready for “after this”



1 thought on “after this…

  1. Great! I’m definitley in a place in life where I’m preparing for what is next, whatever that may be. But in that preparation I’m trying to be deliberate in absorbing the preparation and the blessing that is in that process.

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