compel night this week…

we are hosting the last compel night of the year…this is an outreach service for crave and we are going over the top on this one. we printed 5 thousand scratch and sniff cards…you read it right the invites are scratch and sniff. probably the most creative card we have done to date. Our theme is “DELICIOUS” now that could carry alot with it…but our plan is to dive into the taste of this world and make the declaration that “your taste buds don’t lie” whatever tastes good to you, then that’s what you are gonna consume! the bible says to taste and see that the Lord is Good. people have so many different tastes when it comes to clothes, food, music, etc… this wednesday night is going to be an experience you have to taste!

if you are a youth pastor and you want more info on this night…we are putting together a packet with all the resources so you can pull off a “delicious” night! email me at for more info.



2 thoughts on “compel night this week…

  1. Hi, I am an overwhelmed youth worker that is now the last one standing with our youth. this has been a very hard year with our church for so many reasons. I have a love and a passion for youth and know that I know I am called to be with them BUT i am not a preacher. I need help on how to get started with the setting these youth on fire for the Lord when they have been hurt and disappointed in our church. Any advise would be so appreciated. Thank you and God Bless

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