creativity and leadership


tonight we hosted our last compel night of the year…from here we are off for thanksgiving and then December hits and we have 2 big events…crave christmas party and the never ending new year. tonight wee went all out for souls and truly got out of the box. at one point i thought things would get a little hairy, but the students were so amazing. our compel night was centered around the theme of taste, we met with a few leaders several weeks ago and hammered out ideas creatively for the night. the night went so well, it always does when you have a great team of volunteer leaders. i love our peeps! they turned it out tonight. we built staging, set up servers to bring out samples of foods, had several different genres of music from…rap, rock, country, gospel to even a little R& B. the flavor for the night was set and the students were packed in. many responded at the altar call and that’s what it’s all about…SOULS! this led me to think of a profound thought. it was in the middle of the food tasting i was standing still, yes standing still watching it all happen, we included so many people in the moment. How could this ever be pulled off without the efforts of so many leaders. creativity is a wonderful thing…but creativity without leadership is a disaster waiting to happen.

1 thought on “creativity and leadership

  1. Only confirms what I talked about last night with a friend….
    God’s timing is PHENOMENAL and something I can’t wrap my brain around
    Thank P.AL for being obedient…

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