what are you truly thankful for?

this week is thanksgiving and i am going to dedicate a post each day in order to express my thanks for so many things. i see so many things that i could never do on my own, and i could never be on my own and i could never go on my own…so with all this in mind i thought i would express my thanks this week. thanks has to be expressed in order for it to be real. 2 words we truly want to teach our kids is “thank you” and when they express it without the prodding question “what do you say?” it’s oh so real!

monday…i am thankful for life itself. i have been in situations more times than i can count where life has been spared and that’s just what i have seen. what about the times, where God protected my life and i was not really aware of what happened! life is the most precious commodity we possess and people will do all they can with all they have in order to preserve it. i am just truly thankful that i know the author of life…

Life is full of so much excitement. today we put up some christmas decor and the boys were all over it. they were so excited to put up their little golds tree, and set up the advent calendar…al sang christmas songs and hung ornaments on the little tree. Christmas is the most exciting time of the year for kids…it all started with a new life-a baby! are you thankful for life?



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