thankful for family…

all in the family…i saw part of a Dr phil show tonight, well it only takes a little bit of a show like that to realize people in this world are really messed up! the show centered on a dad that was extremely protective, a mom that was losing her mind, because she would allow her daughters to do whatever they wanted…only to have them cuss her up and down. wow…this family had some real issues….i thank God for my family everyday. one of my prayers daily is for my family to be successful at whatever we put our hands to do. God is truly answering our prayers…one day at a time!

today i spent some serious time hanging lights on the house, but in the middle of the day i had a chance to hang with my kiddos. al and i hit the local sonic for lunch and jake went over to his pappas to hang with his cousin. This week I have off from the hustle and bustle of work and my main goal is to have some good family time. Today we decorated the house tonight we hung out ate pizza and watched tv. we even went down to pick up a turkey from my bros home and the boys came along to go see jilly their cousin! tomorrow we will play while mom cooks and on thursday, well that’s turkey day-we eat, and all the family comes over…it’s cool to have so much family come over for such a big day! Thanksgiving…would not be the same without family! Thanks God, for giving me a great family!



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