what are you truly thankful for?

well tomorrow is thanksgiving and i am thankful for so many things…

1. the volunteer youth leaders that make it all happen at crave.
2. the fact that God continues to love me unconditionally.
3. the students that come out each week to experience crave.
4. the tech guys…gotta plug them…they make it all flow on a wednesday night.
5. calvary christian center…a great church!
6. friends…all the people i connect with, from facebook to youth ministry.
7. my kiddos…this whole week has been a blessing today we went for a bike ride (jake busted hard) fun times…
8. Food…fried turkey, ham, cornbread (made in an iron skillet), field peas, squash casserole, sweet potato casserole, corn bread stuffing, apple pie, pumpkin pie, woopie pies…just a few things i am gonna consume!
9. life…the older you get the more you appreciate the time you have…especially when you go to funerals..
10. Love…i am in LOVE! that’s right! i would walk across the world for my love. i would do whatever it takes to be with my love. i am finishing this post to go to wendys to get some chili…for my love!
11. passion…life would be so boring with out passion!

what are you thankful for?


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