friday night at the movies…

what do you do when the kids are away for the evening…go see a movie! so we went to see the new bond movie last night. had a great time and loved the movie. the best part was simply being with my love and enjoying a film that is full of action…it never stopped! i found the plot a little hairy, but the action sequences were just amazing. the opening scene was sick! How do you drive like that? the dogfight scene with the dc3 was by far the hit of the movie for me. now it was not the tanker on the runway attempt to blow up the largest airplane debut in casino royale, but it was breathtaking! i have been a great fan of 007 movies and i would have to say that daniel craig is by far the toughest bond yet. he is a man’s man! in a world full of images that are not so manly, it’s good to see one tough character in james bond! he makes pierce brosnan look weak…well everyone would look weak standing next to him. gotta say i loved the movie and had to go home and watch casino royale to see the flow between the two movies. i missed Q the guy that gave him all his 007 type gadgets to take on the world with. the plot was weak and the title a little hard to catch but it is what it is…james bond 007.



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