are you confident?

church today was simply amazing…the house was full and the word was filling. in the third service it hit me that so many people will miss out on their destiny simply because they lack confidence. we need to be more confident in all that we do! there are so many things that are thrown at us in order to rob us of being confident. what people say, what we think they say, what we perceive they think. it’s time to walk in destiny and that is going to take confident people. what are you truly confident in? think about it this way…if you don’t give, don’t worship, don’t tell others about Christ, don’t attend church every opportunity you can…then how confident are you in God! we make so many decisions based on feelings rather than faith. if you only did what you felt like doing, you probably would not accomplish very much.

today was a great day at calvary. in the third service our pastor got down on the floor level and talked to the people…you could sense that there was a divine transfer taking place. the people were getting something good imparted into their everyday lives. i love it when the Gospel is preached in such a way that you know the people are leaving better than when they came. today was one of those days! powerful day today…God is so good!

never been to calvary…drop in or surf right in by streaming faith


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