hurt…life is full of it!

today i got a call from a close friend and the news hurt to hear. life is so full of hurt, but the reality is this. God did not promise us we would never have trouble he said he would never leave us. the word says psalm 34:19 “many are the afflictions of the righteous, BUT the lord delivers them out of the all!” i don’t particularly like the word many in that scripture, but i love the word “but” in the middle (it aint over) and the word “all” in the end. God can truly handle whatever we have to handle in life. there is nothing that escapes his sight or his heart. I felt great pain for my friend today. the ministry is not always a fun place to be, but its so fulfilling to be able to minister to those in need. i found myself today asking questions why, and it’s ok to ask why! i also found myself pushing a cart through target picking up groceries and praying for my friend. the pain was so real in his voice…But GOD was so real in t he middle of target. it’s times like this that you have to rely on god’s strength. so if you are reading this and feeling my pain, then pray for my friend, BUT be encouraged God can handle it all! If you are going thru some junk, then realize God specializes in handling the Junk! if you are reading this and life is oh so good, hold on life will hurt you too! we all get afflicted but how will we respond to it!

by the way…i posted my pain for my friend on my facebook status and another friend in ministry reached out! that’s what the body of christ is designed to do….carry one another’s pain!

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