friday night at a parade…


tonight we headed out to the daytona beach christmas parade and we had an amazing time. we loaded up a flatbed wrecker with 6 amps, a keyboard, 2 powered speaker, to floor toms and cymbals. the atmosphere was filled with the sounds of a version of the Transiberian Orchestra “carol of the bells”. students and our pastor walked along and threw out candy and handed out invitations to church. My 2 sons rode along in the truck throwing candy from the cab yelling “merry christmas…and happy new year” the crowds lined the streets and grooved to the sounds emanating from the float. we were thrilled to bring a bit of excitement and flavor to the holidays. what a night…i am so proud of our guys that played on the float and our students that passed out candy and fliers. When it was all said and done, we talked about how we could do it even better next year. it’s a wonderful thing to be around people with excitement and passion and drive to raise the level!

merry christmas!


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