unwrapping the impossible pt 2


can the impossible be possible in your life? why not…with God all things are possible! absolutely nothing is impossible with Him! NO THING! nada! i am sitting in bed with my ibook – which is terribly slow now – listening to kari jobe and studying for my message…God can do the impossible! i belive it, BUT if i can’t see it i can’t have it! i f the shepherds never saw the baby jesus they would have never experienced the impossible…they would have never spread the word! If i can’t hear him i wont respond to what he has for my life. if the shepherds did not hear the angel say the baby would be wrapped in swaddling clothes…they would have been still tending sheep and never made it into the Bible today. They saw…they heard…and they went. We have seen so much, but can we see God do the impossible in our lives? God is speaking, but are we listening? if not we wont go where he has planned for our lives! Now that’s a bummer! i am stoked about tomorrow night. This is truly the most wonderful time of the year! enjoy…


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