friends in ministry…

the most wonderful time of the year…we had some friends over last night and fried some fish, gilled some salmon and set up a fire pit to make smores. the kids had a great time and it was all about friendship. if you don;t take time to hang out with friends in ministry, then the ministry can be a lonely place. we hung around and talked about how much we love our church and where we see it headed…great thoughts!

just a thought about friends and ministry…when you are in the mix of ministry, you need friends around you! I talked to peeps that are burned and overwhelmed by the “ministry” the demands, the drive, the life, the junk…well if you don’t have friends you can laugh with, then you will find yourself in a lonely world. laughter and fellowship is a good thing when ministry is full of stress and pressure!

take time for friends and laugh some this season! tonight we are gonna head out and look at some lights and laugh some more. gotta laugh when the pressure of life is for real!


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