neighborhood influence

Sunday was a great day in church…lives were touched in big ways. i prayed with a student in an altar room that was desperate for change. I even spoke with a lady that came in on our homeless bus, then moved to california and got hooked up with the dream center and her life was changed forever. wow it;s great to see lives change!

my thought Influence is a big deal.

i came home ate lunch and was playing a guess who game with my son when the door bell rings. a neighbor down the street came over and we talked about our neighborhood. we have a HOA that is out of control and a new president was voted in . there are 5 people on the board of directors that meet monthly to look at neighborhood issues. I have been to the HOA meeting and it was unbelievable. yelling, arguing, bickering and complaining…it was an interesting experience! we have a great neighborhood, but just a few people make it rough for others that enjoy living here! Influence is a big deal. I went to the HOA meeting just to meet people in our neighborhood and reach out as well as see what’s going on in the hood…but not get too involved.

there are 2 vacant spots on the board and my neighbor recommended me to be on the board. tuesday night i am gonna sit in and see what it’s all about. the interesting thing is that my neighbor said we have like interests…we are christians and we just want something good for our neighborhood. interesting opportunity…to be an influence.

what would you do?

1 thought on “neighborhood influence

  1. AL,
    I would say sit in for 3 months to check it out. See how it fits into your schedule. If you feel its not an extra burden GO FOR IT!!!
    Your an influencer bro! And having you on that committee, just might influence those bad ones to shape up!!

    *By the waaaaayyyyy, nice change up of the wordpress!!

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