the daniel fast…2009

starting the new year out right…21 days on a daniel fast. i will post some thoughts during this fast as well as foods i am consuming. what have i eaten today…irish oatmeal and honey, vegetable gumbo, and i am gonna consume some boiled peanuts later. we went to a great market for fruits and veggies today to consume this week. i also discovered i have some veggie burgers in the frige (leftovers from the last fast)…not touching that till like day 14 when i am desperate for some meat, but it’s not meat. you have to be seriously desperate to eat that and think it’s like a burger. tonight i am gonna drink some silk…

what am i fasting for? my family, my church, the ministry of crave, my future…just a few things. 2009 is the year of expectancy…and i have great expectations for this year. it’s time to break open into a new season! I am ready for God to move in a big way!


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