the daniel fast day 5…goals!

fasting and prayer go hand in hand!
I went up to the church today to pray and journal…the one thing you have to do is pray when you fast. If you don’t pray, then fasting is nothing more than suffering! i spent some great time focusing my prayer time on what i was fasting for. i truly want to see a breakthrough take place in our church, in the students lives we minister to as well as my family. what an amazing time today in prayer. when i broke out my journal i chose to write out some goals for this year! after filling a few pages, i laid out the journal before the lord and declared that this year all these will be accomplished. what are your goals for 2009? have you set any? if you don’t have any goals, then you might not have a clear target to shoot for! set some goals, pray over them and work as hard as you can to see them come to pass! yes i said work! continually remind yourself of the goals you set out to accomplish! i am gonna read the pages i wrote out throughout the year as a reminder of what i am setting out to do!

here is a few…
1. Pentecost…I want it to be real and fresh in the students lives we minister to! What this generation needs is not a cool, creative idea…they need a fresh encounter with pentecost!
2. Souls…I want this year to be marked by the lost coming to know Jesus! I have been praying for the last few months for a specific number of new students to be harvested from the local public schools! It’s not out of God’s reach to give us souls!
3. anointing…i want this year to be marked by the anointing. from preaching, to worship, to leaders, to tech guys, to small groups i truly want our people that involve themselves in ministry to be anointed on a new level…

Just a few goals I wrote out in prayer…God has been challenging my life during this fast!

I just finished reading a book by mark batterson “wild goose chase” and in one part the author talks about life goals…what goals do you have for your family, your finances, your career, even your fun! Set some goals!


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