stay in your lane!

it’s the second sunday of a new year, the atmosphere was rich and the word stuck deep down in my heart. i love it when i am in a service and the words i hear are so clear and life’s so profound that it shakes my life up! it’s moments like these that i write it down and hold onto the powerful word that was spoken over my life…it’s quite simple if God speaks to you, a seed is being planted in your life, but if you don’t hold onto it, something can come and snatch it away! that’s why i take notes…it’s easier to hold onto whatever i hear!

so in the middle of the message pastor jim raley says this “life’s greatest failure is to be successful at the wrong assignment.” come on now! basically find your lane, find your assignment and run the race! it’s so easy to be busy doing the things you want to do, but what about the assignment you are called to do? stay in your lane! you can’t run the race if you are running in someone else’s lane. i think of the olympics when runners that crossed lines were disqualified for not running in their lane…they were fast and they were good, but they failed to stay in their lane. so my big thought for the weekend was “stay in your lane.” i want to live my life in such a way that i never have to look back and see that i succeeded at the wrong assignment. i know my assignment…look out world i am ready…this is my lane!


1 thought on “stay in your lane!

  1. what a fantastic way to view our calling. STAY IN YOUR LANE!! It would be terrible to look back on life and realize you succeeded at the wrong calling. All the most reason to press it and truly discover the calling that the Lord has given us.

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