leaders lead because thats what they are!

this weekend we spent some quality time with some excellent leaders. God has blessed us with some incredible people that lead our students. This weekend was a powerful time spent sharing vision and speaking into lives of those that lead. several thoughts came out of this weekend. and here are a few thoughts…

1. having great vision is not enough you have to do the vision!
2. we need to listen to the voice of god and learn not to say NO to what God wants.
3. learn to celebrate what god has done…
4. if we want to grow a group our level of influence must grow in order for our interests to be realized.
5. if you think you have bad kids now…wait till you start to really step into your destiny…the good kids are all taken – the one’s with issues are the ones that will be reached.
6. 2 types of shepherds the ones from the west that drive sheep and the one’s from the east that lead the sheep. we fall into a west coast offense and drive more than lead, and it’s time for leaders to step up and lead the way to “the place” where God is.

2009 is going to be a year of leading from a different perspective.


1 thought on “leaders lead because thats what they are!

  1. al, you have to read the book Axiom. You will bug. it is probably the best leadership book i have digested since good to great. and, it is a Christian book. keep living well homey.

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