it’s all about the Kingdom…

what would it be like to wake up on january 21st as the 44th president of the united states? would you pinch yourself and say it was a dream? i wonder what it would feel like to wake up in the white house? can you walk around in your pajamas or briefs? the stress and pressure of being the leader of the free world must be overwhelming. where was i when Barrack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th president of the united states? standing in the crave cafe…after a serious time of prayer in the sanctuary, right before going to get some soup, i watched history unfold for the greatest nation on the planet. the crowd was massive! i could not help but be moved by the masses of people that stood in the freezing weather just to take part in this historical event. hope for so many was realized today. i choose not to take sides in politics, since everyone has an opinion and opinions don’t get people into heaven. Jesus is the only way and that’s the truth! my opinion, if someone were to ask me is that the greatest leader to ever walk on planet earth is still Jesus Christ. we live in the greatest country on the planet! so, today i choose to pray for our great country, our new president and the future of our great country. we have too much at stake to be baited into a political debate over politicians. the Kingdom is advancing and it’s time we align ourselves with the greatest movement of all time…Christianity!

It’s all about the Kingdom!


2 thoughts on “it’s all about the Kingdom…

  1. i think there is an open house today at the white house so the pajamas/briefs thing is probably not a great idea!

    it’s funny, i thought the same thing today. must be surreal for him and his family.

  2. You make a fantastic point. We are in such a position that arguing about political points is obsolete. What we need to do as spiritual leaders is pray for the political leaders of our country. And not just pray that Barak Obama would see things our way or see things the “conservative” way…but that God would soften his heart, God would give him wisdom, that he would receive God’s instruction and that God would surround him with Godly council. Let us celebrate the history our country made…and let us pray fervently for those in charge.

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