i will go anywhere but back!

today i heard an amazing message on the life of ruth and the decision she made to never go back to moab, but to cling to naomi and go forward! i was so moved by the message to never go back. it’s too easy to throw in the towel and give up and give in and go back to your old life! when Ruth went forward God led her to the right field where she found the eyes of grace fro the right man and hope was found in the right place. if we would simply work in the right field (the field of grace) we will find favor (handfuls on purpose) and provision that comes only from God! make up your mind to never go back but to go forward and walk in the grace and the knowledge of Christ. Great word…wish you were there!

1 thought on “i will go anywhere but back!

  1. What a wonderful message. NEVER GO BACK!! It is so interesting to look at the life of Ruth and see that she didn’t turn around and them compare her to Israel after they leave Egypt. They come to crossroad and complain that it would be better to be slaves again in Egypt rather than forge ahead into difficult, but trusting waters.

    May we never desire to go back. Back to sin, back to our old life, back to safe and unchallenging places in ministry. May we continue to forge ahead. May God continue to bless all that you do.

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