welcome to the ministry…

today i was reading a tale of three kings, a book on brokenness. powerful read for anyone in ministry. i started to think about leaders that have been in my life, and i realized that the one thing that i have always desired was to simply serve them and do the best possible job i can do in serving. this does not mean i will always like what i have to do (powerful fact: you will always have to do things you don’t necessarily want to do, but it’s how you handle those things that reveals who you are) I have had dealings with several youth pastors that are dealing with situations in their churches and they call for advice…well what they are saying is i have to do this or that and i can’t really focus on what i want to do! my answer is simple…you are a youth pastor, that means you will do a lot of things that you don’t consider fun – welcome to the ministry! the answer has been the same…but you don’t understand i am passionate about what i do, but if i have to do all these other things i can’t…this is Where I say hold up! you just said “I have to” in a sentence like it’s a JOB and not a privilege and “I can’t” like it’s impossible to do what God calls you to do. grow some muscles of faith and get real!

i find so many that are more about protecting what they do, rather than serving the king! no matter who you work for, or what they ask you to do…from scrubbing a baptismal tank, editing video, fixing sprinklers, going to see shut-ins, parking cars, teaching 4 year olds, or picking someone up that broke down 3 hours away…do it with ALL your heart as unto the Lord. this may sound like a rant post today, but what the kingdom needs is more servants and less people with titles that only want to do what they want to do! i heard someone get super spiritual lately and claim their leaders armor just don’t fit them and that’s why they are where they are…sounds like an excuse for betrayal!

Today, tomorrow and every day I wake up I get to go to work at the greatest church for the most driven visionary pastor on the planet. What a privilege it is to just simply serve. Great read today from a tale of three kings…you should read it…and if you have read it, then read it again.

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