why do bad things happen to good people?

Have you ever wondered why someone could be doing so much right how something bad could happen? Today i went to a local high school to lead a discussion with close to 40 students in FCA on this subject. in the middle of writing my notes on Job and all he went through. i dug up a message that i wrote in 1991 about suffering. the book of James is so full of advice when you are in the midst of a trial…James says “consider it pure joy, whenever you face trials” now that is totally foreign to our way of life. i am like anyone else i do not like pain! i do not think it’s a joyful thing to go through Junk. David said this, psalm…”many are the afflictions of the righteous, BUT the lord delivers them out of the all.” Nobody is exempt from trials! James said that trials test our faith and prove it’s genuineness. I asked this question to the students…”what would this world be like if, when we got saved everything was easy? No trials, no issues, no struggles, no pain…” no answer…well it would be like heaven, where there is no more crying or pain!

The word for today is persevere! Whatever you are going through, remember that God will deliver you out of it, He will see you through it and you will be a better person!

As I was preparing for this discussion, I remembered 8 years ago this week. I went through a great trial…one of our students died on a ski trip and I will never be the same! Marissa you will always be remembered this week! God saw me through this as well as the family, so keep your head up! No matter what you face in life, God must know that you are capable of handling whatever you are facing! Consider it pure Joy!


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