just another manic monday…

i am reminded of a song relient K redid from the 80’s today…”just another manic monday” originally sang by… the lyrics go like this…

It was just another manic Monday
I wish it was Sunday
‘Cause that’s my funday

Sunday is truly a funday in the ministry! Sunday is like the Superbowl for everyone in ministry! If you look at it that way, then everything has to be on target, everyone has to be on point and you gotta give your very best in that moment. last week the whole career of athletes was realized in one game, one moment, one opportunity to do something significant! Don’t let it pass you by!

Monday is truly manic for me…beacause all the conversation and events of a Sunday spill over into my monday (my day off-rest?) and i find myself dreaming, working, paying bills, waiting on the mail (something good is coming today-i can feel it), taking care of a sick kiddo, sending emails…and yes writing a blog!

Monday is manic…looking forward to sunday…its a funday!


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