mind games…

The battle within the mind is where it all starts. When your down and defeated in your mind, then it is very difficult to be effective and productive. A proper mindset is vital to success in all that you do. Today i spent an hour at a half way house sharing a devotion with 20 guys committed there by the state. in the room where they hang out for most of the day, there is a big marker board with names written on it and offenses displayed with the number of down days they would have to serve as extra days in the system due to offenses they have committed. we talked in great lengths about the board and some were so distressed by what was written that it defeated them on a daily basis. we spoke life into the guys and challenged them to live the life christ has for them. the board was more of a mind game that tormented the individuals on a daily basis, they just could not get it out of their minds. the battle starts in the mind. if the devil can defeat you in your thought life, he can keep you down and out! so be encouraged! Think on good things. Take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ! Don’t get defeated by mind games!

What’s going on in your mind?


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