experience is necessary!

our new series is all about experience. the basis thought tonight was if you don’t experience the power of God in a real way, then who will miss out on knowing Christ? tonight we took a look at the cripple man that sat at the gate beautiful begging for alms…peter and john came by and said “look at us” he in turn gave them his attention and listened to them. whatever you give your attention to, whatever you choose to listen to, that’s what will define your experience! the world we live in is looking for something real. if we don;t experience the power of God will they? Peter and John were dragged before the religious leaders of their day because they did something kind when the cripple man was healed. The leaders took note that they had been with Jesus! When you choose to be with Jesus, people will see and experience him in your life. The world around us is simply waiting for us to experience him so that they can have a real life changing experience.

Experience is necessary!

great series we are in…i am loving what God is doing in our students!


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