out with the old…in with the new

Today I spent hours sorting files and simply cleaning out the history of the past. I found myself looking at names and dates and dvd’s with nothing written on them…all needing a new home-the garbage! If you don’t make room for the future you will only have the past! I am not living in the past…can’t change or rearrange anything about it. The past will only torment you and stress you out if you allow it. So, by making room for the future I am giving place an dominion to the power of God to flow in my life, my family and the ministry he has called us to do! What about you today? Are you holding onto the past…whatever it may be? Good…Great…Aweful…Hurtful…whatever it was it is what it is…the past. Live in the Now and look for a NOW God to show up and create moments that will change and shape your future. Now is the time to do something significant for God. Now is the time to leave a lasting mark on this world!

al force

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