faith comes by hearing…

Sunday i listened to a 64 year old lady preach and i mean lay it out in a way that challenged my life and ministry. i went home for lunch and said i want that much energy, that much revelation, that much anointing when i am 64. she proclaimed truth about the blood of Jesus in a way that many are refraining from preaching. i can remember when my mother would plead the blood of Jesus over everything as well as my own life. this past week in prayer i found myself pleading the blood over our youth church in a new way. i am ready for God to do something in the kids lives that wander in week after week, and i am not willing to give them up…even the knuckleheads that give us grief week after week.

What did she do? She preached the word! My faith rose to another level when she spoke of the contract we have in the word of God. The contract says I can have what it says I can have! The problem is this generation is not reading the contract and some guys in youth ministry are preaching issues rather than the word! It’s time we preach the full counsel of the word and challenge this generation! Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God…so if I want the level of my faith to rise as well as those I minister to, then how much of the word are they hearing and how much are we reading? The word of God is a hammer and a sword. It will break off stuff and cut things out…doesn’t sound sensitive to making people feel good about who they are…handle it with care, but in every case handle it!

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