when God speaks…

The one thing that I truly want to hear is the voice of God directing and leading my life and ministry. I believe that if more ministers had ears to hear what God was saying, then more people would hear what God is saying to their situation. I love it, when you know that you know that the Spirit of God has directed an idea, concept or even a direction for preaching. Each year we pray for direction for our annual foreign missions trip and God continues to lead us to great places of ministry. These past 2 weeks I have been planning the direction for the next series of messages we will preach to our students. I am now more than ever more determined for our students to experience God and walk in his power. I need to know the direction He wants to take us in preaching. This weekend he spoke and it was so clear and so evident as to where we would go with the next series. Today i was praying in our daily staff prayer time…and i felt good about where we were headed, and then came confirmation. i got an email out of nowhere from a person i have never talked to about an appointment to talk to someone i admire on the day i star this series. i called and misread the email and thought it was a week earlier and i was not going to be able to make the call due to speaking at a high school FCA meeting. But, read the email wrong and when I called I confirmed the time to call back next week. The interesting thing is this…after I hung up I was prompted that this was what I needed to confirm the direction for the next series. It was so simple…the title of the series and the ministry I would talk to are one and the same…coincidence….nah! When God speaks, I want to listen.

He who has ears to hear…let him hear!


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