legacy…hand it down!

legacy is a big word…it means something that has been handed down by a predecessor. just a thought…what are you handing down? this weekend i had an opportunity to preach a youth retreat and low an behold i was smacked in the face with legacy. there were 9 students from my first youth church that were running the retreat, leading worship, playing in the band and just simply serving. so much emotion and memories flooded my mind and spirit from the past. I took them to camps, retreats, fine arts festivals, missions trips and so much more. I sowed into their lives and now they stood around approaching 30 years old declaring…wow we are getting old…they were all back together and I believe God brought this all together to show me that the moments you have with students make a difference in a lifetime. You never know what will come of the lives you choose to sow into. Keep sowing,,,keep giving…keep going! God will use you, and you can leave a legacy behind!

Don’t be weary in doing good, for in due season you will reap if you faint not! this weekend was my season!

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