the value of good leadership…

My thought for the day…what would you do without good leaders? If we did not have good leaders, where would we be today? I thought about the leaders that led me to places I have never been before. These thoughts became so real after spending time this past weekend with 9 students and some leaders that are living a dream that I had the honor to impact. We need good leaders! I think about leaders that are leading around me and the value they bring to the people they lead. The people will perish for a lack of vision. It’s a leader that sees the destiny and leads the people toward it! What this world needs good strong leaders…people that know the direction they are headed and not afraid to make the necessary changes to get where destiny leads. Leaders lead because that is what they do. When Israel went to a new land God gave them Joshua and he instructed the people to consecrate themselves and get ready because they were about to go to a place they have never been before. People want to go to new places, they are tired of the routine, the mundane, the ordinary…I want to go new places…what about you?

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