Tonight I caught up on my dvr…what do you record on the DVR? What show cant you do without. I Honestly can do without commercials, so I use the DVR to avoid them like the plague. But mostly my life is so busy at times, if i want to keep up with any series i have to DVR it. here are a few shows i love…
the celebrity apprentice-I am pulling for jessie to win it all
My big redneck wedding-i need to laugh and wonder is this for real.
Heroes-what an amazing show
Prison break-came back last friday…
24-jack bauer never gets His man…well at least the man changes to someone else…
LOST-I am totally lost on this one! I DVR it and watch it on lazy days…weird show.
the office-dunder mifflin is under attack from michael scott paper. This is by far my favorite show.
the deadliest catch-colorful dangerous show…do people really do this?
masterpiece classics-ohhh that’s my wife’s show…

just a glimpse into my DVR…


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