fine arts festival thoughts.

A few thoughts from a weekend with 82 students…

Fine arts is now over.  we spend so much time rehearsing and building for a weekend like this…it all comes down to 3 judges.  you could barely carry a tune in an old rusty bucket and if you have a crowd on your side, even though the response can be off the charts…the judge writes down the final score.  a  36- 40 by 2 of three judges and you have an invitation to the national fine arts festival.  it’s moments like these that bring drama and sheer panic to some hearts.  judging is so subjective…everyone seems to have an opinion and many hearts have been broken by the numbers and comments on a piece of paper.  I have the privilege of recruiting judges…for this event and over the years i have seen the prima donna that can judge everything under the sun and lets you know they can down to the judge that writes nonstop at the end of the performance just to build the lives of every individual that stands in front of them.  i even get to fill in here and there and judge.  man i love building the lives of students.

Our kids rehearsed until they could go no more the night before…they were ready and looking forward to making the big splash.  We ran around the property from event to event and in many cases split up to see all we could see.  God has given us some great kids.  They had an amazing weekend and I am so proud of what fine arts is doing to shape destiny.  I can look back over the years and see kids that have grown up in fine arts and now they are pastoring, leading worship, playing in a band and even taking pics for a living.  Fine arts is such a great vehicle to reach and shape lives.

We brought 82 and 71 are going to nationals in 26 categories.  4 first place entries, 5 second place entries, 5 third place entries and 13 invitations…God is good.


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