keep your eyes on the prize!

Yesterday I went to the beach for some fun in the sun…that is so cliche.  well, I had an amazing time with my kiddos building a massive sandcastle, throwing a football in the water, jumping waves and more…you get the picture.  At about 2 p.m. the shuttle was scheduled to launch and the people poured onto the beach and approach and waited in anticipation for the shuttle to launch.  The clouds were thick and the anticipation was evident and then it happened.  The shuttle came out from the clouds and the crowds pointed in amazement at the sight.  It is truly an amazing thing when the shuttle goes off.  I can remember  as a kid camping out all night in Titusville just to see it and the launch being scrubbed…depressing. Well this day the shuttle launched and my boys were on cloud 9  they had trouble seeing it at first, but when they locked their eyes on t he prize the excitement was evident. “i see it…there it is!”  smiles and wonder filled their lives as the shuttle raced off into the distance.  when it was out of sight we went back to playing on the beach, while some still stared into the distance (do they expect it to fall out of the sky?), i even noticed some that did not even notice it was happening, they went about their day at the beach and never saw the sight.  wow…there is a message in their somewhere about the return of christ.  keep your eye on the prize!


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