the lost art of servanthood

If you truly want to be in ministry, then you have to be able to grasp the art of what a true leader is…a servant!  I have the awesome privilege of working with some incredible people and the one thing that separates leaders from helpers is servanthood.  a servant will show up when its hot and sweat to set up the world for an event you invest in and no one will notice and no one will say a word.  A servant will show up at 9 p.m. on a rainy night and load chicken grease covered furniture just because they are free!  this spoke volumes to me last night when i sent out a text in search of some servants to “help” load booths chairs and tables knowing the weather was gonna be nasty out.  it’s not very glamorous to be loading stuff in a driving rainstorm, but when you understand the big picture of ministry it’s all about who you serve.  Props go out to my boys that showed up because pastor al texted just to serve, you definitely have not lost the art of servanthood.  Jesus said it simply when he said I did not come to be served, but to serve! The big question…when someone asks you to serve somewhere , some way somehow…what will your response be? Will you ignore the request or step up and be a real servant!  The ball is in your court…go ahead and serve!


1 thought on “the lost art of servanthood

  1. Hey! Found you on Twitter (I’m @KariWrites) and was wondering if I could reach out to you for a local story I’m working on. Can you drop me a line? You have my e-mail and my no.’s 681-2728.

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