why twitter…why not?

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A little over a year ago I signed up for a twitter account and connected it to my iphone and it literally drove me crazy…it was like a text every other second coming to my phone and all from the one person I chose to follow at the moment.  It was so overkill for my psyche that I turned it off and never posted a single tweet after.  People kept following me, but there was nothing to follow.  Well, a few months ago I got back on the twitter bandwagon and now I am hooked like a junkie looking for his next fix. So why twitter?

Well, here are a few reasons why I am twittering, tweeting…”its 140 characters…we use  them to update our lives in hopes that someone is watching…listening…wanting to hear from us (manwellreyes).” Hope, passion, revelation…or just plain deep thoughts keeps the mind productive or just plain filled with joy.  Life is something you can learn from and laugh at…why not post it on twitter!

One reason why I use twitter is that we have an progressive church staff that is up to date with what’s happening in technology.  90% of our pastors all have iphones and use twitter to stay connected with one another, post ridiculous pics from fishing, hunting, floods, or just plain church.  We are a progressive bunch that is touching a progressive world…why not twitter.

another reason I use it is to stay connected with my peeps…i mean the youth pastors around the country that have a common bond.  we are all in it to reach students. whether it’s in Georgia, Texas, California, Miami or in some hid away out place in Florida. twitter is the way to stay in touch with the heart of what youth pastors are doing creatively to reach students.  i give ideas and get ideas from people in it.  Sometimes I just laugh at what happens in the real world of youth ministry.

Another reason is that its quick, limited (140 characters) and yet has much more bang than face book status and myspace. sometimes I use it to direct message people, instead of face booking someone its like a 140 character email sent directly to them.

Why not twitter?  Try it you might find yourself following people and connecting on a different level.  

Why do you use twitter?

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