Count the stars…

Perception will always get you into trouble…if your perception is off, then you could totally miss it! God wants to do supernatural things in and around your life…can you see it? A few questions to be honest about…what’s your perception about your ministry? The reality is just ask the people that attend or no longer attend…you may find out that you are not hitting it like you think you are. Ouch! Perception and reality are on two different planets…

Time for a change in perception!

Abram was told by God that he would be a father…he actually says to God what can you give me since I do not have a son? Can you hear the attitude of abram asking God what can you give me? Hold on he is talking to the creator of the universe, Jehova God! Wrong perception = wrong outcome! He limited what God could do in his life…sound familiar? God’s response let’s go outside of your tent. Count the stars abram if you can! the truth is you will never see all that God can and will do until you step out of your tent! The size of your tent limits the amount of God working in and through you!

Can you see abram counting the stars. I wonder when he stopped and realized it was impossible…But with God all things are possible. He doesn’t just have them numbered he has them named!

God is able…so whenever you feel backed into a corner, go outside and count the stars! God is still God! He has not changed!

God take us to a place where we can see what you are really doing!

Posted while sitting on a lawn chair at a water park from my iPhone…not responsible for bad spelling or grammer …LOL

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