not everyone is wired the same

I made a brilliant discovery this week.  Not everyone is wired like me…who woulda thunk!  The most frustrating thing is when you expect people to be a certain way and they aren’t and never will be…it’s all because of their wiring.  On a personal not I think some people there wires are either crossed or they are missing a few connections.  Let’s dive into a few thoughts on wiring.  

I was hanging a lamp in a friends house and yes the power was on and yes I was on a ladder and yes I touched the black and white wire and yes it touched me back.  That hurt!  Some people are wired in such a way that they hurt people around them!  Their attitude, their approach  their demeanor…it will touch you and you will pull back!  These people need high voltage warning signs posted on them!  Stay back!

Then there is the low voltage wiring…These people are best characterized by the fact that they rarely respond to anything.  No excitement, laid back about life…you wonder sometimes if the lights are on and nobody is home.  I have a few students like this they are in the fog check out a blog on the foggy 15’s here.  

then there are the people that are shorting out…sparks flying wires crossing and not much movement but there is that smell an electrical fire.  something is happening here…you hope.  its like this TV next to my office that was sparking and smoking (never a good thing)  until i dug through a closet to unplug the source.  some people there wires are all crossed and they are plugged into the wrong source and they don’t do much of anything.  they look good…but are they productive?  they don’t see what needs to be done, they dont see what can be done, they are just their…take it for what it is.  crossed up wiring is not a good thing!

I want to be wired in such a way that I make an impact on the world around me and I don’t fail to see the details of life and ministry.

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