DR missions trip day 1

Luke 5:4 put out onto the deep water and let down the nets for a catch.

Today we are putting out into the deep. 32 on a mission to reach the world. I am more excited about this trip than ever before. God has assembled a team of students and leaders that have a desire to be used by God! We are going to seriously see rediculous things that God will do on this trip in us and through us.

The deep..wade out and throw out your net and you will catch something. When I was a kid I use to cast a net for surf fishing in hopes to catch some bait to fish with. You would throw the net and hope that it landed in the right place at the right time. Then you would haul in the catch. We are in the right place and it is the right time for a catch. God that we would catch fish and that you would catch us in a greater way!

The truth is simple…it’s never the wrong time to throw a net. The issue is will you throw it? Cast a net today and catch fish! Let’s plunder hell and populate heaven!


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