summer time at crave…

Summer can be one of the most frustrating times or it can be great…it all depends on what you plan for the summer. We plan well in advance in order to maximize the most of summer. Whatever it takes…the mentality we use to attack summer and make it great. Missions trips, outreach, training, blockbuster events and so much more have been packed into the month of june…now we are in july and there is so much more to do…this week is an event we call summer jam where we grill some burgers and dogs, combine our Middle School and High School, Lakeland masters commission is coming in to open and close out the night. it’s nights like these that really give us a big push for summer. We are in the hottest weeks of the month, so on Friday we are taking a crew to wet n wild for a day at the water park. Next week is summer camp and in the middle of it all we are working on our entries for the national fine arts festival. Summer is such a busy time of the year…from fundraising, to water parks, camps and in between trips we go all out to touch the lives of our students. We will do whatever it takes to touch the lives of our kids…what are you doing to make summer great?

Go ahead make summer great!


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