leadership is courageous and contagious!

leadership is courageous! When you are a leader you have to be willing to make decisions and not second guess yourself. You are the leader and you need to follow through with your decisions! Those decisions are not always easy ones…I had a group in and gave them a set amount of time in a service to minister and time slipped away, so when the time came for them to get back on the stage I had to make a leadership decision. It did not matter how much makeup they put on and prep they put into whatever they had planned to do, it was time for the meat of the service and that meant making a decision to cut out something big in the service. being someone that wants to take care of groups and treat ministry partners right, I struggled with saying NO, but in the end it had to happen…and it was the right decision. Ministry leaders have to be willing to make courgeous decisions from time to time. People will not follow a wimpy half hearted limp wristed decision maker, but they will follow a courageous leader not afraid to make hard decisions. so leadership is courageous!

Leadership is contagious! when you are a leader you are imparting skills and lifestyle to all those around you. If you want to find out what kinda leader you have, then look at who is following. if the followers are not committed, weak, inconsistent…then maybe the leader is the same. As a leader you are imparting a wealth of information into your followers. You are also imparting a mindset that will cause the follower to act and respond to life and ministry in the same manner. the way you think, act and talk are all contagious traits that your followers will exhibit. So, leadership is contagious!


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