sermon series…GI Joe a real american hero!

This week we started a 3 week series getting our students ready for the new school year. Night one we focused on the Hero David when he took on the Giant Goliath. David was a the real deal Hero, even though he was a boy! You see, what our students school needs is not another athlete, not another musician and not another academic wonder…what their school needs is another hero! The heroes of today are sitting in youth churches all over America! They just need to step up to the challenge!

We are challenging our students to pray like never before for their school…nothing happens unless you pray! 4 truths about the story of David!
1. Goliath was big and David was small! Size is not an issue in a fight! What really matters is who has your back! David understood that The Lord was on his side and the Lord and him would conquer anything!

2. Goliath was well equipped to fight but David was more equipped! Goliath had all the latest and greatest in armor but it was not enough! David on the other hand was given Saul’s armor and he said ” i can’t use this i am not used to it” you can’t go into battle with someone else’s armor! our greatest weapon is prayer and we need to use it! you can’t win with someone else’s armor…Ephesians 6:10-17 say be strong and put on the whole armor of God! it does not say someone else’s armor! So, be armed and dangerous.

3. Goliath was all noise but no action! Goliath talked smack, but could not back up what he was saying! David on the other hand talked more smack and backed it up with action! I love the fact that a boy stands up to a Giant and opens his mouth no fear here!

4. Goliath was an obstacle…it only takes one to overcome! It only took ONE to kill the giant…the response is what’s amazing. The entire israelite army surged forward and chased the philistines! ONE person, one fight…one massive victory! It only takes one to change the face of a school! Who is gonna be the hero? Who is gonna be the one?

Few creative notes…a trip to the army navy store to dress up the stage and show movie clips from the trailer, we chopped up the part where they get the excelerator suits and used it for point 2 being well equipped!


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