a blast from the past…

If you have been in youth ministry long enough kids will grow up (they all do) get married have kids and some will even marry again. This weekend I took a walk back in time to see some kids from the past get married. They both were enamored with each other in high school, yet tied up in relationships with others. We have such amazing history with these two, that when we were invited to they’re wedding we decided we could not miss this one. People make all kinds of decisions in life, some good and some not so good. Kids will break your heart and hand it to you when you are giving them your best! The beautiful thing is that if you continue to sow into a life, it will eventually reap a great harvest. God will show up and you will see His hand move! Keep believing! Keep sowing! Keep seeing God move in his way! We believed in these kids and in their destiny! We now see them serving in church along with so many others. They are talented, passionate and creative people! It is such a blessing to see the kids you worked with for so many years turn around and bless you by the way they live and what they choose to do with their lives. Looking back, probably nobody would have picked some of these kids to do what they now do. They even said with their own mouths, i’ll never…well, God gets all the glory and he has the last word!

Youth pastor…don’t be weary in well doing…you will reap!


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