5 or so annoying things i see on twitter!


1. typos…even when you have an iphone…you will be subject to typos…so be careful!

2. talking to people in the twitterverse (this is a for real place) and not at each other…this is why you have texting on your phone…duh!

3. posting pics of nothing…like your dog, your food, your car, your hair…sorry i do this regularly!

4. hash tags…what is that anyway!

5. talking really bad about your home, your parents, your dog, your peers…as if they could not read it!

6. Dr. Mike, the exterminator, and weird shows on tv that follow you simply because you tweet about them!

7. following way more people than follow you! following 800 people and only only having 10 followers…

8. profile pics…its so small that you need a magnifying glass and you have 24 people in your pic!

9. no profile pic…or the extreme close up profile pic…or a pic of some random object…

10. stalkers…people that walk up to you and talk to you about your tweets…as if they know you….ohhhhh snap!


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